ACE Ground Station Tracking Plot

This display updates every 15 minutes beginning at minute 0. A 6-hour plot is also available.

The display shows the ACE Real Time Solar Wind (RTSW) data received and processed by SWPC as a function of time. It indicates the currency of the ACE RTSW data and the total temporal coverage achieved by the network. Data received from each ground system in the RTSW tracking partnership are displayed in their respective panels with the total tracking coverage shown at the bottom.

The RTSW ground system partnership consists of:

To an observer looking up from the Earth ACE appears to slowly circle the Sun as it follows its orbit around the L1 libration point, about 1.5 million kilometers out from the Earth on the Earth-Sun line. To obtain continuous data from ACE, SWPC relies on a network of ground tracking stations located at various sites around the world. All stations, except for Boulder, use at least a 10 meter diameter parabolic antenna to receive the extremely weak S band radio telemetry signals from the 5 watt transmitter on the ACE spacecraft.

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