NOAA / Space Weather Prediction Center

Preliminary Report and Forecast of Solar Geophysical Data
"The Weekly"

The Preliminary Report and Forecast of Solar Geophysical Data, called "The Weekly", summarizes a week of space weather activity and provides outlooks for solar and geophysical activity for the next solar rotation -- 27 days.

The Weekly, issued every Monday (Tuesday before 3/19/2012), has been compiled and distributed to customers around the world by the Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), and its predecessors, since 1951. Online publications are available from 1997 at Historical SWPC Products.

User Guide to the WEEKLY in Adobe PDF format.

Most of the data in the Weekly is available on-line in near-real-time as ascii or gif format files. Links to online weekly content

The Weekly files, in PDF format, range from 500 to 600 Kbytes. An Acrobat(R) Reader 5.0 or later is needed to view these documents and is available free from Adobe at

Table of Contents:

Weekly reports issued in 2013

Weekly reports since 1997: Historical SWPC Products

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